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Presenting the ultimate solution for organizations migrating to Salesforce.com

SalesforceM helps organizations migrating to salesforce.com – Salesforce.com makes revolutionary business applications, served from the cloud, designed to help you generate leads, get new customers, close deals faster, and sell, service, and market smarter. It all adds up to growth, and possibly the need for more office space. Salesforce.com is the leader in the market in order to increase the sales pipeline, sales productivity, sales win rate, accurate forecasting and increase in revenue. Salesforce™ is a solution designed by Tekreant’s masterminds who foresaw that migrating the extensive data into salesforce.com needs a solution, which isSalesforceM. Through Tekreant’sSalesforceMyou canimplement, integrate, and migrate your data that users require in their salesforce.com to gain and retain customers. SalesforceMis equipped with tools that enable users to enjoy service at their salesforce.com, by reducing the probability of data errors and allowing them to appreciate the achievements that they gain by joining saleforce.com. SalesforceMis designed by people with extensive experience in handling sales data, Tekreant is conversant with the salesforce.com needs for variousbusinesses. We understand the hustle that companies go through while attempting to implement a whole new system. Tekreant has, therefore, developed solutions for specific business needs.

When a company wants to migrate their data into salesforce.com, there are a host of issues thatSalesforceMsolves to ensuresuccessful implementation of salesforce.com.

1. SalesforceMassists users to plan and prepare the solution that they are seeking and avoid obscurity.

2. SalesforceMhelps users to customize the solution so as to be sure that it suitstheir business models.

3. The software hasguidelines for salesforce.com userson how to adjust andadaptto the changes.

4. Tekreant’s personnel continuously check on the progress of the clients’ businesses to ensure that they are growing as a result of the change.

5. SalesforceMmigrates data from one platform to another while retaining it in its original form.

6. The software also allows catalogs and book prices to be shared among many applications.

7. SalesforceMconnects databases to individual sales accounts and imports payments, which makes the payments visible to sales departments.

Step 1 >> SalesforceMprofiles and understands data;

Step 2 >> Selects the correct method of migration using its varied tools;

Step 3 >> Analyzes and cleans up data,

Step 4 >> Imports the data with the input from Tekreant

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