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Welcome to Tekreant - Not just software and staffing solutions

Tekreant is not the usual software company that solves innumerable business problems with cost-effective solutions that drive the business towards success. Tekreant works together with clients todeliver IT products, services and consultation as a partner and not as a vendor.

Another major portfolio of TeKreant is staffing for companies, individual projects. We search, interview, train and recruit people for various clients in multiple industrial verticals and offer the exact match as per the requirement of our clients to suit their business.

Tekreant has earned the reputation of being the best in serving the staffing needs of our clients belonging to various industrial verticals including IT, ITES, Banking, Finance, Health care, Pharma, Life Sciences, Engineering, Utility, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas etc.

Why Tekreant?

Tekreant is ranked among thebest companies that offer IT consultation services. Since Tekreant’ establishment in the year 2008, we have worked diligently to create a worldwide network of customers. At Tekreant we work together with our customers as their partners and our end product designed to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our well-trained staff ensures that customers receive service of best qualityto support them in the pursuit of their goals, which in turn enables them to increase business returns. We are always available to supply labor, offer expert software consultation services, and provide any other service that a company may require regarding software and web design.

Genuine and trustworthy services

What differentiates Tekreant is our ability to scale according to the needs of companies. Your IT budget should never exceed your revenue that is expected. As your trusted partner Tekreant will make sure that your returns on the IT investment exceed your expectations and not your budget. Customers can rely on us for authentic software with customizable products designed by technology experts who also have the edge of industry experience. Tekreant has a suite of loyal customers who invariably return with better referrals, which is an assurance that they like what they receive. Tekreant does not stop at delivering products or services, but constantly follows-up to ensure that the product or service delivered is adding value to the client’s business. Tekreant focuses on listening to the client, implementing the client’s requirement, and delivering the product within the stipulated time frame. We also ensure that our clients are always informed on the progress of the project during the course of its development.

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