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Simplified Data Management and Storage Infrastructure

Tekreant uses various Microsoft Technologies to enhance the capabilities of any organization. The Microsoft SQL server and Business Intelligence will help you to implement SQL Server Database Optimization, SQL Server Reporting Services, SharePoint, and more.Businesses today are empowered with the tools and knowledge you need to drive greater productivity and lower your total cost of ownership through intelligent, practical applications of the endlessly powerful business technologies available through Microsoft. Microsoft Business Intelligence is a complete suite of server, client, and developer products with applications across every market and within every size business.You can now create and manage information through an integrated system that includes collaboration tools, search capabilities, and content management.

Tekreant offers storage technologies keeping the future in mind

Tekreant helps organizations to transform the storage of any business which enables consolidation, virtualization, and acceleration of enterprise applications with unmatched economics.TekreantusesTegile Intelligent Flash Arrays for a simplified management and to lower the costs. This also offers better protection for your data. Tekreantnot only integrates centralized storage with distributed caches to consolidate management, but also distributes access across the organization.

Microsoft Technologies

Sharepoint from Microsoft

Microsoft’s Sharepoint is a giant leap in the way organizations share their documents, information and tasks. Sharepoint has grown from just being a sharing platform to managing content management, search collaboration, enterprise social and business intelligence. Tekreant helps organizations to simplify the various components in terms of integration and management. Sharepoint offers easy file syncing and also sharing with SkyDrive Pro – features that are offered without any cost.

Build your Business Intelligence

Microsoft’s Business Intelligence offers the following components to help you successfully run and manage your organization:

  • You can easily access and share information across the organization

  • You can get real-time analysis which is updated as it happens and you can quickly access the information

  • You can identify and get rid of any waste that exists in the system.

  • You can minimize risks and identify and eliminate any bottlenecks in the organization

  • You can have a greater understanding of your own business

  • You can take better and more informed decisions once you know your company better

Tekreant’s customized solutions for Business Intelligence

Tekreant offers customized solutions for building your business intelligence in terms of designing, developing and implementing your Business Intelligence and Data warehousing. Tekreant offers expertise in architecture design, Analytical reporting, Performance management, ETL strategy and data modeling.

Tekreant’s Consultation for Business Intelligence

Tekreant offers consultancy services for all aspects of Business Intelligence which includes analytic applications, reporting, warehousing, integration etc.

Tekreant’s Application Management

All the Business Intelligence and Enterprise reports are supported by Tekreant’s experts. Our team of professionals are available 24×7 and can offer you seamless support and enhancements.

Tekreant’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Tekreant offersSQL Server based Solutions for the following activities:

  • Performance management

  • Dynamic reporting/analysis

  • Data visualization

  • E-commerce

  • Enterprise and data warehouse solutions

  • Business function Analysis

  • Business Performance Management Scorecard solutions

  • Report Development with source data coming from OLAP or OLTP databases.

  • Application Development for Reports Generation, Bundling in PDF, CSV, XLS, DOC, TIF and other formats.

Tekreant’s SCCM Deployment

Tekreant helps organizations to migrate to Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM) which is cost effective, and scalable. It enables configuration management for Microsoft-based desktop and server infrastructures. Irrespective of network size SCCM provides an easy, comprehensive solution for centrally managing and troubleshooting networked systems, maintaining software and hardware inventories for efficient distribution of software.

Tekreant performs Deployment Automation, which is highly automated solution for assessing, migrating and deploying Windows server and client operating systems. It significantly reduces the number of images you need to manage.

Tekreant offers Infrastructure Security Tools, which assess vulnerabilities, and deploys and installs software updates across your corporate, branch and remote IT infrastructure with tools integrated with other Configuration Manager features such as Network Access Protection, Maintenance Windows, and Internet-based clients.

Tekreant offers Infrastructure Management to help organizations to perform daily administration tasks such as inventory, software distribution, security updates and configuration management. The Infrastructure management helps in physical and virtual systems with compact integration between Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization and System Centre Virtual Machine Manager.

Tekreant offers Infrastructure Assessment Intelligence to enhance the control of IT systems by assessing what companies already have and how it is being used. Tekreant then ensures that it complies with your defined desired state.

Tekreant offers services for client management by delivering Applications and applications management to the active directory clients.