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JAVA is undoubtedly most widely used technology for enterprise application development. At Tekreant we ensure that our clients are well informed about the benefits and advantages of using Java’s enterprise architecture in various applications including mobile and web. Tekreant has worked on JAVA for various industry verticals, which include financial services, Health Care, Oil and Gas, Life Sciences, Education, Gaming, Real Estate, Entertainment etc. Our customized solutions for both web and mobile, help in solving complex problems in the business. At Tekreantwe specialize in enterprise software application development, Cloud based Software as Service apps, J2ME mobile applications, application maintenance & enhancement, platform up gradation, and legacy system migration. Tekreant is well-versed and experienced in building enterprise banking solutions, real estate solutions, building web back-end with REST API for mobile solutions, building Java based Android & Blackberry applications for Pharma companies to name just a few. Tekreant has handled a variety of projects from diverse industries with complex requirements.

Tekreant’s JAVA and J2EE Application offerings

1. User Interface which is easy, user friendly and rich and attractive: Tekreant has a slew of designers, UI experts and content writers who can give you the perfect experience to the user.

2. Makes the application safe with all the security measures taken care of: Tekreant uses very lightweight applications so that there is fluidity and ease in navigation. Tekreant uses J2EE frameworks like Struts, Spring, Turbine etc.

3. Makes it flexible and adaptable to all business changes: While creating or coding any software, Tekreant foresees all possibilities in the organization making the software reusable and adaptable to any changes.

4. Makes it scalable for any size both vertically and horizontally: At Tekreant special care is taken to ensure that despite enormous loading the software functions seamlessly and effortlessly.