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Integrate Data seamlessly with Hadoop Bigdata

Consolidating big data is always a challenge in any environment. Most tools available in the market are not geared to provide insights that help a business to grow. Giving statistics is just one of the smallest functions of data consolidation, what Hadoop offers is insights into the data that help the management take the right decisions to move the business forward. HadooBigdata enables integration of big data, giving managers or business owners an opportunity to utilize data maximally and making the right moves in business decisions.HadoopBigdata has the required tools for extracting, preparing, and integrating big data on the same platform. HadoopBigdata also enables users to analyze and visualize bigdata, which further enables them to develop their companies through the insights that they derive from the data. Which benefits do users get by integrating big data? Integrated bigdata makes it possible for users to handle data across multiple dimensions without requiring IT experts or developers. With the help of HadoopBigdata, our clients are able to save time and resources, and attain independence and self-sufficiency.

On extraction, preparing and analyzing business data,Hadoop guides the process in making the next move to grow the business and bring better returns on investment. HadoopBigdata is fast, effective, and processes high- volumes of data within a short time frame. HadoopBigdata is uniquely different from other softwares because of its inbuilt cluster nodes that facilitate distribution of jobs across multiple nodes, which again speed up the development time for data. HadoopBigdatareduces the time that is used by users to access large volumes of complex data,enabling them to explore and turn it into insights for their businesses, through a three-step process. The first step involves connecting the users to self-service Bigdata Analytics tool through which they can access our stores. Secondly, we broaden their data access to data analysts. Thirdly, we allow IT to streamline, and enable users to deploy our analytics faster. Our powerful data mining and predictive analytics also assist clients to effectively implement their Bigdata insights and understand the history of their business performance and plan ahead.

Microsoft Technologies

Networking technologies offered by Cisco and VMware Joint Solution brings unprecedented innovation to create flexible virtual environmentsLeading to Increased Return On Investment (ROI) and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).Tekreant offers rapid application and infrastructure deployment with Cisco’s Unified Computing System and VMware vSphere, thus offering greater security, availability, and performance.

Sharepoint from Microsoft

Microsoft’s Sharepoint is a giant leap in the way organizations share their documents, information and tasks. Sharepoint has grown from just being a sharing platform to managing content management, search collaboration, enterprise social and business intelligence. Tekreant helps organizations to simplify the various components in terms of integration and management. Sharepoint offers easy file syncing and also sharing with SkyDrive Pro – features that are offered without any cost.

Roadblocks in Effective Networking Technologies and How Tekreant resolves it!

  • Infrastructure that is inflexible –Tekreant helps in making the infrastructure most flexible with ability to scale up or down, vertically or horizontally.

  • Management Complexity – Tekreant helps in minimizing the complexity by migrating from traditional infrastructure which have multiple device management points like storage adapters, ethernet switches and network adapters.

  • High costs – Networked storage can cost high, but Tekreant can help minimize the expenses with effective storage solutions.

  • Administration overlaps – Sometimes there are more organizational hitches, which Tekreant resolves for effective functioning of the system.