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Automated Functional Testing
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Automated Functional Testing for improved quality & faster go-to-market

With customer experience playing a critical role in the success or failure of enterprises, they need to focus on performing end-to-end functional and non-functional testing (for example, regression and performance testing) for their mobile, web, eCommerce applications or for enterprise solutions such as CRM, ERP, and more.

Tekreant provides automated Functional Testing services that ensure the verification & validation of applications for global enterprises. Our software functional testing services focus on testing applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user acceptance for seamless and robust functionality.

With deep experience in testing both open source & commercial automation tools such as Selenium, we take a functional testing approach that leverages proven industry-standard testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies. Our analytics-driven regression testing approach has been utilized by multiple clients across various industries & ensures that new features or enhancements do not cause any unintended impact to the existing quality of applications.

Functional, Regression and Performance Testing for large US community bank

Majority of users prefer Mobile Banking over online banking. One of the largest community banks in US wanted to test its mobile application on multiple platforms to provide a seamless experience across devices, browsers, OS and platforms.

Know how Tekreant effectuated comprehensive functional test automation execution on 20+ platforms using real devices, executed regression suite & reported execution status resulting in drastic reduction in post-production defect density.

Functional Testing
Expertise & Benefits

  • 10 +

    years of experience

  • 1000 +

    automation suites created

  • 1000 +

    functional testing engineers

  • 40 +

    technologies & frameworks

  • 1 M+

    hours of automated testing

  • 300 +

    clients across the globe

Functional Testing Methodology

Tekreant's Functional Testing methodology incorporates inputs related to business risks, project risks, and technology risks to ensure most optimal testing and save costs and time. Our functional testing methodology includes:

  • A Requirements Assessment Framework (RAF) to identify the ambiguity defects in the requirement phase of the Software Test Lifecycle.

  • A Test Requirements Traceability Matrix (TRTM) to ensure bi-directional traceability.

  • Proven scientific techniques for performing in-depth black box testing including Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalent Partition, and Paired Testing.

  • Comprehensive Test Metrics that ensure absolute transparency & visibility with unit testing, defect trends, testing productivity, process quality, testing progress, & quality of the application/product under test.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly status reports with in-depth analysis of test execution status and defects, leveraging a variety of models and techniques to publish actionable reports and dashboards.

  • A regression testing suite and report execution status to document defects and develop traceability matrix between the requirements vs. test cases

Functional Testing Services

Tekreant's functional testing experts have extensive experience in conducting testing in multiple application lifecycle models like waterfall, agile, DevOps, iterative etc. All test services are customized to fit the client’s lifecycle model and environment to offer a seamless integration with the teams for new and legacy applications.

Our testing experts are trained to utilize industry standard functional testing techniques to conduct an optimized testing while ensuring functional coverage. Some of our functional testing services are:

  • Business flow matrix & Traceability matrix

  • Decision table & state transition diagram

  • Equivalence partitioning & boundary value analysis

  • Exploratory Testing & Prioritized Testing

  • Rhino Hunting

  • Risk-based Testing

  • Integration Testing & User Acceptance Testing

Functional Test
Automation Framework

Tekreant's test experts use a four-pronged approach, which involves choosing the right enablers, techniques, reporting models, and tools to discover defects early in the test life cycle and accelerate time to market.

We provide an analytics-driven Regression test approach which has been utilized by multiple clients across various industries to leverage:

  • Cost-benefit regression model for QA teams to strike a fine balance between test selection and fault detection

  • Automating regression testing frameworks with all leading automation tools such as Rational Suite, Micro Focus Load runner, OpenSTA, etc.

  • Custom dashboards highlighting test effectiveness and offering senior management view

  • Proven expertise executing projects for more than 300+ clients over a period of 10 years

  • Subject matter experts with decades of regression testing experience

  • Detailed information reporting on the execution summary along with QA recommendation on the Go-No-Go of the release through CIO DashboardTM