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Real-world, scalable, Crowdsourced QA software testing services for your cloud, IoT & mobile-based apps, and more

Crowdsourced QA testing, or crowd testing, is critical for your enterprise if you are looking at a fast-paced digital transformation and improving your ROI & scalability. However, working with crowdsourced teams involves business risks such as loss of quality, concerns regarding IP infringement, security & confidentiality, and finding and managing an extended team of crowd-testers across the globe.

Tekreant offers a complete portfolio of Quality Engineering services, delivered through strategic go-to-market partnerships with crowdsourcing platforms having a global reach. The access to a globally-vetted community of 50,000+ user testers & testing professionals provides a great competitive edge through crowdsourced user research & digital testing, using leading edge digital platforms. Our experience in multiple domains and our niche capabilities add on to the value provided by this extended global reach. This helps improve the quality & user experience of your applications, accelerates software innovation for your enterprise, and ensures an impeccable user experience for your customers, thus resulting in better value for your clients, globally.

Accomplish record go-to-market times by ramping up carefully-selected test participants and reporting results in a matter of hours, made accessible through Tekreant's multi-country presence, on-demand provisioning of real-time & diverse resources, carriers, and devices, which help you achieve a flexible execution of your projects.

CrowdTesting Helps Leading Motor Insurance Provider Reduce Mobile Costs to Zero

A major motor insurance claims settlement provider wanted to implement crowd sourcing-based validation for its accident flagging & SOS monitoring digital device and its corresponding mobile app. However, it lacked test artefacts in the form of test scenarios, traceability matrix, a strategy for validation of the automobile device–app pair & didn’t have simulation facilities.

Tekreant extensive logistical reporting & test planning greatly reduced the unforeseen risks of traversing wide geographical areas. Implementing a BYOD policy increased the number of devices available for testing & brought down the expenses on mobile devices to zero.

Motor Insurance

Tekreant's Crowdsourced Testing Services

Using Tekreant's Crowdsourcing solutions, apart from an end-to-end support for your Product Development Life Cycle, you can also access our services in:

Software Testing
  • Functional Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Performance Testing

CX studies
  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Touch point Analysis

UI design assessment
  • Design proposal

  • Wireframes

  • A/B Testing

  • Card sorting