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IT Consultation that raises business productivity

Tekreant’s software consultation services aims at helping start-ups, small and medium sized companies to grow and develop each year.Tekreant is the IT partner to businesses helping start-upsinto becoming big businesses and helping already established companies to maintain their lead position. Tekreant’s consultancy services help in increasing business productivity and the corollary of any business success includes better profits, making headlines, and receiving awards!


Software and Consultancy Services

Tekreant is a software development company with staffing solutions as one of our main components. Tekreant is geared to take up any software project and customize our products to meet the needs of our clients. Our products are scalable as per the size of the companies we are dealing with. The cost effective solutions of Tekreant ensure that the IT budget does not exceed the expected returns on investment. Tekreantoffers a wide variety of services ranging from the simplest consultancy services to complex programming services. Apart from customized client=specific projects, Tekreant also has some products that help in staffing, analyzing Bigdata and offering smooth transition into large platforms like Salesforce.com. Tekreantalso builds applications with the help of expert Java Developers for various industries including financial, education, healthcare, and entertainment services. A large range of Microsoft technologiesused by Tekreant help clients to share information securely. Tekreantalso offersquality services in data analytics, networking,and data storage among other services.

At Tekreant, we offer exceptional consultancy services that help our clients in growing their business amidst a competitive market.The quality policy of Tekreant forces us to be on par with the latest developments in the IT world. On understanding the needs of our clients our advise is based on the global best practices and also towards industry competence.The ready availability of our advisory team helps our clients make the right decisions about their businesses. At Tekreant the clients are involved right from the strategy, so that there are no surprises and clients get comprehensive, satisfactory, and informed solutions.

Simplified Data Management and Storage Infrastructure

Tekreant offers Data storage and management assistance to help youin running of your business.Tekreant erases all troubles in managing your business data due to poor data storage facilities. Tekreant assists with data management by upgrading storage infrastructure through various effective storage technologies. Tekreant offers clients with storage infrastructure at a cheaper cost, enabling them to improve their businesses and minimize data management costs. We ensure that clients do not face risks of losing data because of the flawless storage facilities that we offer. Tekreanprovides software such as EMC VMAX, EMC VPLEX, EMC VNX, and EMC ISILON which are all high performance storage facilities. Clients who are using our data storage software are assured of increased efficacy in their business operations. Besides, the fast growing world of business requires business owners to keep up with new developments including on how to upgrade data storage facilities, a service that they can get from us.

Our software provides services such as data access in private cloud, enabling critical applications to keep running in case of undesired interruptions, and allowing data movement. Generally we aim at enabling clients to manage data in a better way through the upgraded storage infrastructure. We do all this at a much cheaper cost than other software companies that you may come across. Tekreant aims at making software services affordable to all our clients, whether they are running big or small businesses. Business owners will definitely be sure of rapidly transforming their businesses when they access simplified data management at a cheaper cost from us. We intend to assist every client to achieve their vision in business through simplified data management techniques. We have a committed team of trained staff who are willing to assist in case clients encounter challenges with the software.

Tekreant not just offers products but provides solutions which are customized to suit the requirements of their clients. Tekreant has a well established pool of talent and at any given point there are more than 80 people working on various projects assigned to our clientele belonging to diverse industries. At Tekreant, staffing is not simply looking for people with talent; we source for competent people who can meet clients’ needs using world-class technology and expert professional services. Tekreant caters to a global clientele offering themexpert solutions for staffing, software and program needs. Based out of Hyderabad, Tekreant has a diverse portfolio covering clientele from various industries and of various sizes right from small start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. Tekreant has been catering to most SMEs in India and on a global level Fortune 100 companies also seek software services from us. Tekreant is specialized in industries including security, technology, bio-tech, oil and gas, health care, parma, life sciences and telecom.

In today’s competitive IT market, technology and servicescontinue to be the biggest differentiators. In order to succeed amidst thousands of competitors, you need to have an edge in both innovation and quality. Tekreant helps its clients to stand in the market even in adverse market conditions. The fickle consumer habits need to be established with steady updation and quick changes. Tekreant offers both timely and high-quality services. Tekreant offers its clients expertise in quality assurance and also delivers within clients’ deadlines. Undoubtedly, many testing tools and testing philosophies have been added into the market place and that is why clients could be wondering which service provider or testing partner they should choose.Many companies are seeking to choose the right partner for testing services, due to the phenomenal growth in the testing industry.Tekreant provides independent quality assurance services that are backed by their propriety IPs with career testers who have a passion in testing.